Hard to Believe

From the older guy

It’s impossible for me to understand the nurses who refuse to get the Covid 19 vaccination. That’s like saying they don’t believe in their chosen profession. Every day they dispense pills and give injections. Don’t they believe in the science that produced these beneficial drugs?

What about the personal feeling? The doctors, nurses, and staff people have been working insane hours for months…They have been treating the unvaccinated   people that are clogging our hospitals and dying due to their own foolishness. Don’t the nurses have smarts enough to resent those people and not want to be like them? Is it that the nurses are so brain-washed by the Fox News crap and the Trump cult they can’t think for themselves? I used to think the big word in medicine was “Hippocrates,” but in this case, maybe the word is “hypocrite”.

Dave Thomas

October  6, 2021



Sometimes I get tired of listening to the political nonsense, so I just sip my coffee and think about other important stuff. This morning I was wondering who figured out that the hide of a little animal called a chamois would be good for wiping your car off after washing it?

Dave Thomas 09/23/2021

This is Sad

A bunch of local cops are saying that they would resign from the force before they would get a mandatory Covid 19  shot. Whatever happened to “Protect and Serve”? Cops normally protect themselves. An officer in hot pursuit would make sure his seat belt and shoulder harness were secure. A motorcycle cop would be wearing a helmet so his brains wouldn’t get splattered all over the concrete.  A SWAT officer or an officer headed for a potential shootout would wear a bullet proof vest. Now, however, these mutts refuse to protect themselves against a virus that has killed more than 667,000 Americans… That means they will not be protecting their spouses, children, parents, grandparents, or you, or I.  All I can Say to these guys is “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.”

Dave Thomas


Migrants- From the Older Guy

I am sitting here drinking coffee and thinking about the migrants who attempt to cross our southern border. Some media outlets and the Trump mob portray them as criminals, thieves, rapists, and murderers. If you scrape away those ugly labels, you will probably discover that any bad people in the group would be in about the same proportion as you would find in the general population. With all those rotten labels stripped away, what’s left? Oh, my gosh, they are families! Yes, I see moms, dads, and kids. Ask them why they left everything behind and walked off into the unknown and they will tell you harrowing stories of the lives they are trying to escape. They will tell of corrupt governments, no jobs, no opportunities, no hope, and a chance that the children will be killed by drugs or the gangs that are pushing them. Those are certainly good reasons for fleeing their homes and sacrificing everything, but what do they hope to gain in the U.S.? I would guess that they want an opportunity to work and make a better life, to provide for their families, and to have their children grow up safe and healthy. Well, son of a gun, these people are just like us.

Dave Thomas


From The Older Guy- It’s Time to Get Scared

I’m 85 years old  today! Yes, who knew? I seem to be surrounded by big numbers now. My wife, Pat, is 83. We have been married for 63 years. Our sons, Russ and Doug, are 62 and our daughter, Terri, is 59. I can’t believe it.

I never had any dreams of longevity and never really thought about it much. I suppose that good genes had a lot to do with it, but there is another factor that should be considered. I have been a Type 1, insulin dependent diabetic for 56 years. Two of the requisites for living well with diabetes are exercise and nutrition. I have always exercised, and Pat and I attended several nutrition classes at Scripps Hospital and the VA. She has made it a point that we eat well and consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In my lifetime, I’ve been through the Depression, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, and the middle-Eastern Wars. Now, for the first time, I am really scared for our democracy and our way of life. In January of 2017, a new president and his administration took office, and it was as if an evil black cloud had descended upon our country. All of a sudden, power and money and greed were in the forefront. Hate and disrespect and criminal behavior were the new norm. What scares me is that half of our citizens have bought into this behavior. Wake up, people! To understand what is going on, you must read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” It defines exactly what Trump is doing. Control the media, discredit those who object, and take over the minds of the people.

Our country hasn’t been perfect by any means, but we were working on it. Those who think that everything would be wonderful under the rule of the Trump regime had better rethink the situation. The rich guys, the top 1%, would prosper. The rest would suffer. Rules and regulations would be rolled back because they cost too much. Those things that protect our health and safety would be discarded. Diseases like TB, polio, cholera, and measles would return. The 1% guys won’t care because they will be living well.

I hate writing stuff like this. I’ve always been an optimist. I’m scared for my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Too many people have been sucked in by this evil bastard. God Bless America!

Dave Thomas


No Respect

From the Older Guy

We are no longer the world’s bright star of democracy and hope. We have razor wire around our Capitol building and thousands of our people are dying because millions of our fellow Americans are too stupid to put on a mask or get a shot.

Dave Thomas