Shout It Out

I thought most of us Americans believed in following the rules, obeying the law, doing what is right, and being a good person and a good citizen. Boy, was I wrong. In the general election of 2020, 34% of our American voters, the Republicans, voted for Donald Trump. That means they don’t believe in anything I listed above because Trump doesn’t believe in anything but the bottom line as it affects him.

The Republicans started sliding downhill prior to 2016 when the signed the pledge for that goober guy. That pledge declared they wouldn’t take part in any bipartisan legislation, or do anything for the American people. That is right in line with Trump’s thinking. He wants to destroy our democracy and establish an autocracy just like his mentor and good buddy, Vladimir Putin.

Make your own list of character flaws and negatives attributed to Trump. I’m talking about things like: Liar, cheater, bully, immature, childish, egotist, racist, disrespectful, white supremacist, and so on. Complete your list and study it and think about it. You will determine that Donald John Trump is the sorriest son of a bitch that ever came down the pike. Spread the word! Don’t let Trump and the Republicans take over our America and destroy it. Talk to everyone you can. It we don’t speak up, we will lose it all.

Dave Thomas



We’ve seen these guys come on TV and then tell us they need an AR-15 to protect themselves, their families, and their property. I’ve tried to imagine just how that would work and I’ll share my line of thought with you. First, we must start by acknowledging that a lethal weapon such as an AR-15 must be kept[i] in a locked gun cabinet or gun sage. Now let’s see how this protection thing would play out:

The guy is sitting in his living room, drinking a beer, and watching TV.

He hears shouts and a crashing noise, like someone is trying to kick in his front door.

This is a home invasion!

He jumps to his feet.

He puts the beer can on the coffee table, making sure he has placed it on a coaster (He has been screamed at many times for making rings on the furniture).

He runs to the room where the key to the gun safe is hidden.

He retrieves the key and runs to the room where the gun safe is located.

He unlocks the gun safe and opens the door.

He grabs his trusty AR-15.

He pushes odds and ends of ammo out of the way and grabs a magazine.

He flips the AR-15 over and, he slams the magazine home.

 He flips the AR-15 over and prepares to chamber a round.

Too late, the intruders have him covered.

Oops, now the bad guys have another AR-15.

Dave Thomas