Beats Me

In South America and in most countries of the world, the leader of a failed coup attempt would be dealt with harshly. In the United States, rather than being treated as a traitor, the leader of a failed coup attempt is given more free air time so he can run his mouth while planning his next presidential campaign and his next coup attempt. Why isn’t Trump in prison?

Dave Thomas


Eagle Feather and White Fawn

I’m reposting as I hope a few new people will see it!


Eagle-White Fawn-car

Chief Eagle Feather, a full-blooded Cherokee, toured the country’s vaudeville circuit and was billed as “America’s premier Indian tap dancer.” The Chief, also known as Frank Bell, married our cousin, Myrtle Thomas. The story goes that after their marriage, she was adopted by the tribe and given the name “White Fawn.” She joined Eagle Feather in his adventures as he persued his vaudeville career.
Eagle & White Fawn

Dave Thomas
September 16, 2015

Pictures from cousin Dave Dunn.

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