About Dave

I began writing little stories a couple of years ago for my kids and grandkids. I wanted them to remember things that happened as they were growing up. Also, I wanted to tell them about some of the things in my life as I grew up in the 1940’s and 1950’s. My wife and kids thought some of you might enjoy them as well. I hope you find the stories to be interesting and fun.


5 thoughts on “About Dave

  1. Hi Dave,
    Saw your stories and would like to publish them in our newsletter.
    By the way you should join our organization, please check out our web site.
    the mariner/marlin organization is geared to the men who flew in the Mariner and Marlin Seaplanes.
    I was in VP-50 in the mid 1960’s. Would love to speak with you. My number is 623-934-2100.
    Our web site is http://www.marinermarlin.com


    1. Hi, Arnold-
      I enjoyed your message. It’s nice to hear from a VP-50 guy. I’m glad you enjoyed the seaplane stories, and you can feel free to publish any of them that others might enjoy. My four years in the Navy were good and left me with some fond memories. I’m 83 now, and my vision is impaired to the point that I am legally blind, so can’t correspond much. My daughter, Terri, is doing the reading and typing for me. (Hi, Arnold) I’ll call you in a couple of days.
      Thanks again,
      Dave Thomas AT2


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