Migrants- From the Older Guy

I am sitting here drinking coffee and thinking about the migrants who attempt to cross our southern border. Some media outlets and the Trump mob portray them as criminals, thieves, rapists, and murderers. If you scrape away those ugly labels, you will probably discover that any bad people in the group would be in about the same proportion as you would find in the general population. With all those rotten labels stripped away, what’s left? Oh, my gosh, they are families! Yes, I see moms, dads, and kids. Ask them why they left everything behind and walked off into the unknown and they will tell you harrowing stories of the lives they are trying to escape. They will tell of corrupt governments, no jobs, no opportunities, no hope, and a chance that the children will be killed by drugs or the gangs that are pushing them. Those are certainly good reasons for fleeing their homes and sacrificing everything, but what do they hope to gain in the U.S.? I would guess that they want an opportunity to work and make a better life, to provide for their families, and to have their children grow up safe and healthy. Well, son of a gun, these people are just like us.

Dave Thomas


One thought on “Migrants- From the Older Guy

  1. Dave, all your writings should be published. You are a very talented individual and all of your writings should be available to the masses…. not just those who have the luxury of computers at their fingertips. Keep up the good work and keep writing…….Love from Gerry and Harry Gray

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