Spell Check

Trump says he wants to make America great again. He probably means “grate,” as in the cover of a sewer pipe. This would be apropos of his plan to take us back to the dark ages by rolling back the rules and regulations that protect our health and well-being. Who needs clean water, clean air, the FDA, the CDC, the FAA, or OSHA?

Dave Thomas


Don’t Quit Until It’s Over

Does the governor of Texas wear cowboy boots because he never learned to tie his shoes? He has got to be the dumbest bubba alive. He has lifted the mandate to wear masks. You could even be fined for wearing one.

We have killed over 580,000 Americans because we couldn’t stand up and stop this virus in its tracks. We couldn’t cover our pretty faces with a mask, couldn’t stay 6 feet apart, and couldn’t refrain from going to parties.

The governor could have said, “Folks, we are going to continue wearing these masks until the entire country goes 2 weeks without reporting a death from the virus. We are going to finish this!”

Finish the job. Don’t quit until we reach the end.

Dave Thomas


The Mask

The mask situation should be chosen as the dumbest story of the year. All day long, the TV puts out mask stories. People don’t want to wear masks, and people are thankful that the mask-wearing mandates are being lifted. It’s one story after another.

The mask thing means that our people, the American people, have completely lost focus. The mask is not the enemy;  the enemy is the virus.

This mis-direction or distraction is the kind of thing that allowed the flim-flam man to become president. He spent 99% of his time blowing smoke until half the American people believed it. All day long, we heard about Hillary’s emails, crooked Hillary, fake news, and rigged elections. It was one lie after another. Nothing but smoke. I hope we regain our collective sanity.

Dave Thomas





I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer. We are surrounded by fools. We are not even close to the “greatest generation” as this is a generation of morons. We are at war! 580,000 Americans have died! If some foreign power had done this, we would all be in an uproar. Instead, we are acting like a bunch of school kids. “You can’t tell me to get a shot or wear a mask!” When this started a year ago, if we had all come together with a determination to whip this thing, it would be behind us now, with few lives lost and our resources intact. Instead, a bunch of fools politicized the problem, and we are not over it yet.


The polls say that 39% of our fellow Americans will not get the Covid 19 vaccine shot, and many more refuse to wear a mask. There are two important things to know about the vaccine and two important things to know about the mask. If you get the shot, that vaccine causes your body to create little critters called antibodies. It’s like having an army inside to protect you. The other benefit is the protection of others. The antibodies kill any invading virus and keep you from becoming unknowingly infected, and accidentally infecting your grandma.


The mask also protects yourself and others. The virus amounts to a bunch of evil little bastards floating around in the air. The only way they can enter your body is through an opening. Your nose and mouth are your greatest liabilities. They will act like vacuum cleaners and suck up all that virus stuff if you don’t keep them covered. If the work “mask” is too scary for you, then let’s use the word “barrier.” Place the barrier over your nose and mouth, fasten the loops around your ears, and you are good to go. You are protected.  The second benefit, of course, is that if you unknowingly become infected, the barrier will keep you from blowing the virus all over grandma.


See how simple this is? Stay focused, folks. There is an evil, rotten enemy out there, but it’s not your fellow Americans.


If you have placed yourself in harm’s way by refusing the vaccine shot and refusing to wear a mask, you have committed a selfish act. If you have brought children into this world, it is your duty to protect and raise them. To say that if you should get sick and die would be God’s will is some kind of misguided, macho crap. It is your duty to do your best to stay healthy and alive for you kids. Use your head. Quit running with the herd and do something right for yourself and your family.


P.S.- That book that asserts that vaccines cause autism has been widely de-bunked. Do your research.


Dave Thomas