I Remained Calm

The 4th of July weekend was a great time for Pat and I this year. A lot of our family members were able to visit and make it special for us. Visiting from northern California were our grand-daughter, Michelle, her husband, Tony, and their 4 ½ year old daughter, Quetzal. If you are wondering, a quetzal is a beautiful South American bird and it rhymes with “pretzel”.

Pat and I have not been around a 4-year old for quite some time and had forgotten how active they are. They run rather than walk and their little mouths never seem to stop. One minute, Quetzal, will be down on all fours, pretending to be a tiger, and roaring at the top of her lungs, and the next minute she will be talking quietly in a well-modulated tone and using the most adult words she can think of.

One day, lunch time was approaching, and I was seated as I prepared to give myself an insulin shot. The “Q”, Quetzal, was standing by my knee and her big eyes were taking it all in. She watched for a short time and then said…”I got a shot at the doctor’s office, once. I didn’t cry. I didn’t whine. I remained calm”. She said it with such seriousness that I almost laughed but managed to tell her that I would try to remain calm as well.

Dave Thomas
July 11, 2016