Thoughts About Different Stuff

-Hey, Bubba-  

Hey, Bubba, the dumbing down of America isn’t happening fast enough. Let’s ban some books and see if we can speed up the process.

-Went to Plan B

Governor Abbott of Texas wears cowboy boots because he never learned to tie his shoes. Governor DeSantis of Florida wears loafers for the same reason. (Unless Ron is wearing white go-go boots to supposedly inspect flood damage.)

-What’s next?

Abbott and DeSantis are doing their best to get women under control. Their next trick will probably be mandatory hair coverings. Lipstick will be okay if a veil is worn to cover it? Aren’t female athletes in Florida already required to track their menstrual cycles?

-Native Americans

After screwing them over and also calling them “Indians” for a few hundred years, I thought we were on the right track by calling them “Native Americans.” After all, they are the native Americans, the real Americans, and the rest of us are late-coming interlopers. Now, however, there is a new effort to erase their true identities by calling them “indigenous people.” The talking heads on TV like to use alternative words because it makes them sound more intelligent, but let’s put a stop to this. There is enough divisiveness nowadays without us creating more by minimizing a people.

Dave Thomas



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