Bouncing Around

I was digging through a box of stuff this morning and found my old dog tags. Thinking about it, that first sentence could have another meaning. Since I  haven’t worn the tags since 1961, I should definitely be classified as an old dog.


Banking officials are supposed to be experts in financial matters. Their Board of Directors reward their brilliance by bestowing huge bonuses upon them. If their bank fails, don’t you think they should give back the bonuses?


Putin and the head Chinese guy are supposed to be good buddies.  If the Chinese guy is really a buddy, he will council Putin that he should get out of Ukraine because it’s making him look like an ass.


The white supremacists think their defecations are not odorous (their shit doesn’t stink) because they have white skin. What confuses me is that these white guys spend millions every summer vacationing at the beach so they can get a good tan.


It’s been more than two years, and the traitorous scumbag who wants to destroy our democracy and our way of life is not in prison. What gives?


If you want to be happy and enjoy your old age, make sure that when your kids are young you give them lots of hugs and kisses and love and respect.

Dave Thomas


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