One Thing After Another- From the Older Guy

The runny nose made me think there was a bad cold coming on. However, after a year of it and no other symptoms developing, maybe that’s not the case. It’s been annoying though.  Some days are one handkerchief days but sometimes it’s two handkerchiefs or even three handkerchiefs.

I consulted with my wife, Pat, who is the chief medical advisor in our household. She said that all old people have runny noses. If you stop any old geezer on the street,  they will tell you that they blow their nose off and on, all day. I explained that I am busy and don’t have time for this nonsense. She said I may as well suck it up   as it’s not going to change. Then, the medical advisor went on to tell me there is a theory that explains this phenomenon.  The theory states that old people can’t remember anything because their brains are shrinking, and that’s what is dripping out of their nose.

Dave Thomas


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