Time for Breakfast

Pat was headed for Costco. As she backed out of the garage she noticed a crow standing in the yard by the small orange tree. Normally, if she saw a crow, she would feed it. Today, she just wanted to get her chores done so she continued on her way with the bird staring after her.

Pat was returning home. As she approached our house she could see that the crow was still there but was now standing on the driveway. There was ample room so she moved past him into the garage. She got out of the car, stepped out of the garage, and was immediately confronted by the bird. He locked eyes with her and began squawking. He appeared to be quite agitated and was pacing back and forth in a very animated way. Pat deduced from the crow’s manner that things were getting mighty serious. Pat guessed that he was probably telling her that he hadn’t found any road kill that morning, and therefore had no breakfast and was starving.  She said, “Okay, I’ll feed you in just a moment.” She got her groceries out of the car and went into the house. Once  inside, she grabbed a slice of bread and then took it outside and tossed it in front of the crow. Being ravenous, he attacked the bread and made short work of it. Once finished, he squawked a couple of times and flew away.        

Pat got busy in the house, but in ten or fifteen minutes heard the crow squawking out front again. She looked out and saw the one crow near our front door calling her.   The reason for all this carrying on was that five of the crow’s friends were sitting at the foot of our driveway. The crow  had gone back and rounded up his family or friends so they could eat, too. A compassionate crow! Pat took more bread out and fed the rest of them.

We think this is remarkable. This crow knows where to get a handout. He recognizes Pat when he sees  her. He knows she will respond when he calls her. He knows she will not harm him. He takes care of the family or friends that travel with him. He saw Pat leave but knew enough to wait for her return. Perhaps the use of the disparaging label “birdbrain” should be reconsidered. 

Dave Thomas


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