Thoughts Stimulated By The News- From the Older Guy

Mandates are issued when the people are too stupid, too short-sighted, too bull-headed, or too misguided to do what is best.

If a person refused to wear a mask and get the COVID 19 shots,  and they contracted the disease and they infected another person who died, could the errant person be charged with first degree murder?

Here’s another dumb one. The law says you don’t have to wear a mask and protect your fellow citizens, but you must carry a fetus full term regardless of viability.

The controversy over wearing a mask is being fueled by morons. It’s like a cop not wearing a bullet proof vest though he knows the situation Is about to escalate.                                       

I still can’t process the idea that nurses would refuse the COVID 19 vaccinations. What the hell?

Based on the movie box office receipts, it looks like Americans are becoming the inhabitants of fantasy land. It looks like America’s heroes are Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Hornet. Maybe that’s why so many Americans have fallen for the b.s. espoused by the flim-flam man, the head scum bag.

The Bigot States or Red  States, if you prefer, are shutting down the right to vote if you are anything other than white skinned. Well, so much for democracy.

Not much has been done in Washington, D.C. these past 13 years. We can thank the GOP for most of that. Imagine where we could be if all 535 of our elected people were focused on the same problem. We could fix anything. I know that a few of our reps are trying to do a good job. What’s wrong with the rest of them? Are they owned by big corporations or fat hogs like the “Kook” brothers? Have they been threatened with black mail? Have they been threatened with physical harm? How can these guys look at themselves in the mirror each morning?

Dave Thomas


One thought on “Thoughts Stimulated By The News- From the Older Guy

  1. I am in 100% agreement with you on this matter, and it couldn’t be stated more clearly that what you have written.

    Thank you,

    Chuck Fennell


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