Much Obliged

Good morning! I am sitting here with a hot cup of coffee thanks to the magical Keurig coffee machine. The coffee is rich but smooth coffee is Costco’s Medium blend. I also enjoy their Breakfast Blend when I am sleepy and need a jolt to get my motor running. A couple of months ago, we had some Paul Newman that was equally good. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised when going to a restaurant and find that they serve Kona coffee, and, day by day, the best place in town for a cup of coffee is McDonald’s.

Who do you think we owe for this wonderful way to start the day? I can imagine some caveman out scouting for food, spotting some coffee beans, and popping them into his mouth. After a couple of chews and a swallow, he probably barfed up his guts. How then did we get from the caveman to a drinkable cup of coffee? Who figured out that you have to grind the beans, add water, and add heat? How long did it take? Was it a matter of centuries? Whoever figured this out, I would like for he or she or them to know that I am much obliged.

Dave Thomas


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