San Diego Chargers: Still Here


“Me and Fouts…talkin’ football.”

Grandson, Jeff, and San Diego Chargers Quarterback, Dan Fouts.
Our son, Russ, took the picture.

I see on the evening news that disappointed San Diego Charger fans are having trouble dealing with the fact that the Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. They are whining and crying and burning their Charger memorabilia and are most certain that the end of the world has come. Well, folks, everything has an expiration date. The triple-crown winner retires, the aircraft carrier is de-commissioned, or maybe a favorite movie actress dies. Everything expires.

Let’s stand up and look this right in the eye. Over this past 56 years, or your part of it, you have stored up some wonderful memories. For the rest of your life you will have that treasure trove to draw on. Thanks to Air Coryell and some interesting and talented quarterbacks, you will remember the excitement. I’m talking about Jack Kemp, John Hadl, Dan Fouts, Drew Brees, Doug Flutie, and Philip Rivers. We even had the great Johnny Unitas toward the end of his career. And, not a quarterback but the scourge of quarterbacks, there was defensive end, Deacon Jones. The Deacon was exciting to watch as he beat opposing linemen and he always had something to say.

We saw some other exciting players, too, like Speedy Duncan, Chuck Muncie, and L.T. How about Lance Alworth? I got to meet him once. My son and grandson got to meet Dan Fouts. We will definitely remember those times.

You may have gone to Jack Murphy/Qualcom Stadium to attend your first Pro-Football game. Or, you may recall watching the games with good friends or relatives who are no longer with us. You will remember these times together.

In the coming years there will be many times and many circumstances that will spark your memory and cause you to pull up a giggle or a cherished remembrance. That’s the stuff that keeps us warm.

Dave Thomas
January 13, 2017


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