What To Wear

Here’s a story that Pat witnessed and I enjoyed.

It was one of those Thursdays where a number of the Sears sales staff that had the day off had gathered at Mission Bay to water ski. It was noon and after a lot of skiing everyone was taking a lunch break. Two of the guys had their ski boats there that day and they had nosed their boats in and grounded them on the sand.

A car pulled up and parked and the man that gets out is a new guy, Jerry that is a salesman in the refrigerator department. He gets into the trunk of his car and brings out a water ski and tucks it under his arm as he walks over to the group. He looks pretty sharp as he approaches in his coat and tie. He says “Hi” and then says “I knew you guys were down here at the bay and though I had to work I didn’t want to miss out. I’m on my lunch hour and I would sure like to get one turn around the bay. Can I get one of you to give me a tow?” “Pat” Patitucci, the owner of one of the boats, says “Sure, I’ll give you a tow.”

Pat gets in his boat and fires it up and backs out into the water. Another guy gets the tow rope ready and prepares to “flag” for the ski run. Meanwhile, Jerry has taken off his coat and placed it carefully on the grass. Next, he takes off his shoes and socks, puts them next to his coat, and then rolls his pant legs up to his knees. He walks to the water’s edge, lays down his ski and places his foot in the cup. The flagman in the boat tosses the tow rope which he catches and then he gives Pat the sign to “Hit it!” Off they go! It looks kind of strange to see a fully dressed man making a circle of the bay.

One of the guys on shore knows Jerry pretty well and explains the situation to the rest of the group. It seems that both of Jerry’s parents were water skiers and he’s been skiing almost since he learned to walk. He wouldn’t be getting his clothes wet because he wasn’t going to fall.

Jerry finished a couple of circles of the bay and cast aside the tow rope and glided in. He got dressed, thanked everyone, jumped in his car and went back to work.

Dave and Pat Thomas
March 8, 2015


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