Let The Sun Shine In

I’d like to tell you about an interesting beach house but first I need to describe the setting. Mission Bay, San Diego, and the parks surrounding it make up a fabulous playground for people of all ages. As late as the 1950’s, the area was mostly nothing but marshes. Now, it’s a beautiful 4,200 acres of water, beaches, green parks , and sidewalks wide enough to accommodate bikes, skates, and joggers. There are many beautiful ocean-front properties facing the Pacific but the bayside properties are equally elegant.

Several years ago, Pat and I rented the downstairs portion of a beautiful bayside home for a week. The kids and grand-kids were invited to come and go as often as they could.

The house was owned by a couple who lived in the upstairs part of the place while they made a very comfortable living renting out the first floor. The house was furnished in very good taste with quality furniture and accessories. However, it was the upstairs that was amazing. The eastern wall that faced the bay was a garage door! Imagine sitting there and drinking your morning coffee and punching a button and having the wall roll up! The morning sun comes streaming into your combination kitchen and family room while you enjoy that cup of coffee and watch the sail boats and rowers go by. Fantastic!

One morning, I was on the other side of the house and the door to the garage was open. Sitting there and looking proud and sassy was a 1956 Thunderbird just like this picture.


Dave Thomas
February 26, 2015


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