Ed Lietzke’s Dog

I must have been 11 or 12 and was riding my bike. I don’t remember where I was heading but I had crossed State Street and was going east on Clark. As I rode past Doc Brandt’s house I looked up ahead and could see a dog coming toward me. He didn’t get in the street but was zigzagging across the yards and sniffing everything real good. He was a big black and tan coon hound or trail hound and was a fine looking dog. I figured he was lost so I pulled over to the curb there on the north side of the street and waited for him to come up to me. He got there, all smiling and slobbering, and I started scratching his ears. I asked him if he was lost and when he didn’t answer, I started checking the collar and tags on his neck. I got one of the tags turned around where I could read it and it said, “I am Ed Lietzke’s dog, whose dog are you?”

The dog was itching to go and I turned him loose. I figured that everyone in town knew Ed Lietzke so he would get home okay.

Dave Thomas
November 15, 2015


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