Highway Robbery

If you have a family member or friend fighting cancer, ask them for the total monthly cost of their meds and chemotherapy. The number you get back can only be described as obscene. How can anyone afford it? There are individuals and businesses who will award grants  to those who need them. There benefactors can be found by pharmacies and drug manufacturers, but they don’t have an endless supply of funds.

Our Congress is supposed to be looking into overcharging by the drug manufacturers, but who knows what the result of that will be? If too many of our Representatives have been greased by the drug manufacturers, there will be no win for us. Many of our relatives, friends, and neighbors could face bankruptcy and death.

There is one bright spot in this mess. Mark Cuban has founded the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. He intends to provide drugs at a reasonable markup, so our citizens can maintain their health as well as their financial well-being.

Dave Thomas



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